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    Diava is a semi-mountainous village (300m. height), 3,5 km south-west of Kalampaka. It is constituted by roughly 900 residents, which deal in their majority with agriculture and livestock-farming.

    In the East of the village, the River Penios flows. Exceptional beauty the forests ?Channels? in the 1200 m., in distance of 8 km from Diava are distinguished Meteores and Domokos. The old name of village was ?Prebenta?, that in the local dialect meant passage. It was renamed in Diava, because it was the crossing, the passage to the villages of Aspropotamos.

    In the limits of communities Diava ? Agia Paraskevi, the ruins of ?Palaiokastro? were saved, ancient fortress the classic or hellenistic years. Interest present the post-byzantine churches of Agia Paraskevi, Agios Dimitrios and Agios Athanassios. Considerably popular are also events that revive in the village the New Year's day, on Sunday of Apokreon, in 1st May and in 26 July, where becomes resurgence of traditional agricultural activities.

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