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    Close to Kalampaka, in the way to Meteora is found the graphic village named Kastraki, with the characteristic traditional life and its rich natural beauty. Its beauty is noticed, particularly, by the imposing landscape of rocks of monastic state of Meteora. The village is embedded in the embrace of huge rocks, ressembling that they protect it. The community was created the time of Ottoman domination with the conjunction of smaller settlements, from Epirote men that resorted there in order to be saved from the notorious autocrat of Ioannina, Tourkish-Albanian Ali Pasa.

    A Byzantine castle gave the name in the village. Few ruins of it are saved today. In prewar times the village maintained intact the rural picture of Greek countryside. Today, however, with the enormous attendance of sightseers, it has developed in a marvellous place of recreation with camping, taverns and hostels. This infrastructures offer pleasant rest in the visitors of Meteora.

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